Foro Concursos Exclusive Casino Guru challenges on Ego Casino! $200 in prizes.

Exclusive Casino Guru challenges on Ego Casino! $200 in prizes.

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This promotion will only be made available to Casino Guru community members. We will be releasing a unique promotion every single week, as well as monthly challenges and bounty campaigns! Minimum amounts of funds are required and you can participate in the weekly campaign without having to bet! 

General rules: 

- Up to three winners per week. 

- You have to complete KYC in order to be eligible for prizes.

- You need to provide screenshots of the win on this thread. We recommend using

- Winnings will be added to your Ego account and you can withdraw winnings directly.

Monthly challenge: 

We will be launching an additional campaign alongside the weekly challenges, which is: 

Most active player. The player to participate in the most weekly challenges will win a bonus prize of $20 at the end of the month. The player will need to have participated in each campaign in order to be eligible. In the case that there are multiple people playing on a weekly basis, the player to have posted the most bets will win the prize.

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Ultimate Slot Challenge - Valley of the Gods 

How to win

The first two players to successfully spin and win 2 times on will win a total of $15 in BTC each. All players participating in the campaign will receive 50 Free spins on deposit. (Minimum deposit of 10 EUR). A bonus prize will be available for late participants to the value of $15. 

15% cashback will be made available for all players that participate in the campaign. 

The winners will be announced Tuesday 23/06/2020


$15 per winner. 

Rules of participation

  • Minimum bet per spin: 0.3 EUR
  • Screenshot each win and share them on this thread.
  •  All bonuses and withdrawal limits of winnings are still relevant.
  •  The first two players to submit the screenshots will win the prize.
  •  A third lucky winner will be chosen by random if he is late to the party.

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